March 16, 2020

All Baltimore City schools are closed due to the corona virus

March 16, prior to dismissal, Weekend Backpacks delivered almost 800 bags of food.

We have been in touch with all our schools and are prepared to deliver food as quickly as needed to sites where the students and their families can pick up the bags of food.

The need

Students can go to their school each day and pick up boxed breakfast and lunch.   This food only will feed the student for one day.

Younger siblings and parents that have lost their jobs, many of them work in restaurants, hotels and other businesses that have closed down, do not have access to food.

Our Approach

We are filling and delivering bags of food almost daily.  


We are following CDC guidelines and not having more than 10 people in the building at one time.

Many of our volunteers and people who have heard we are sending food to these families, want to come and help.

We appreciate all the offers but we are scheduling people by appointment so that the building is in compliance.  

You can call our help line, 410-559-6455 and leave your name, phone number and email address and tell us if you want to pack bags or are able to deliver bags to the school site.

Please understand with over 300 volunteers on our list already, and possibly using a maximum of 20 per day, there is a strong possibility we will not call you.


Our immediate need is money.  Ask your friends and neighbors to help us by going to our donate page.

Our average food bill per week is about $6,000.

Last week our food bill was $20,000.

We expect that our bills will be high due to the fact we will be feeding many more families.

We are preparing to service these schools for at least the next four weeks.  But, we do know that this crisis can go on longer than that.   We will be there to feed these kids and their families.

Thank you all for your concerns and offers.  We appreciate all of your caring.

We will continue to update this page.