Our Approach

We provide child-friendly, nutritious food directly to children in need over the weekends.

We believe that the child does not live in isolation, therefore, each backpack contains enough food to feed at least four people for the weekend.

All food is child-friendly, packaged in four set menus including milks, proteins, fruit, vegetable, cereals, and 100% fruit juices.

Our organization is 100% volunteer run.


Food is delivered each Thursday and distributed to the children 

Children designated to receive backpacks are selected by the social worker and administrative staff at each participating school.

Who is considered homeless?

Under U.S. federal law, students who have no fixed, adequate nighttime residence are considered “homeless.” This includes


  • Living in a car, park, abandoned building, substandard housing, bus or train station — or any place not intended as a regular place to sleep for a child, teenager, or adult

  • Living in a motel, hotel, or campground because there’s nowhere else available


  • Living in an emergency or transitional shelter


  • Living with family or friends because of eviction, foreclosure, or other loss of housing


Is doubling up or couch-surfing the same as being homeless?


When students — with or without other family members, parents, or guardians — stay with extended family or friends because of a loss of housing and lack of resources to obtain new, permanent housing, they are considered homeless under the law. This means that they are entitled to and eligible for services provided all other students and families experiencing homelessness.